You don’t have to be afraid of your credit history to get a new car!

Traditional lenders are still nervous about lending to anyone with anything less than a squeaky clean credit history – That’s where Murphy Doyle in conjunction with our finance partners offer a solution that benefits consumers to provide a credit repair option.

For Murphy Doyle – Its simple – Our finance partners like Bluestone Motor Finance get impaired consumers back on track, clean up their credit, and get them paying again.

Bluestone recognises these are not bad customers; it’s just that they’ve had something happen to them which has resulted in them being unable to make a repayment or not been able to get credit during the worst part of the downturn because no one was lending. How many of you would fit into this category?

If you have difficulty with obtaining credit why not give us a try by filling in the online application below.

Finance only applies to cars 2008 onwards & terms and conditions apply.